We agree with this team about a lot of things, namely that a visual builder can be used to create complex web apps without code.

We have different approaches for how to give the user this power. We started and will maintain "anyone" as our target user. To that end, we need to reduce complexity through smart systems and tools that fit into the user's workflow. One of our driving metrics is on-boarding and creation time, and we've invested to keep this low.

Bubble targets a user with design and product skills. They also have a steep learning curve. There are 11 introductory tutorials to go through before builing your first app.

Not a perfect analogy, but they are Photoshop and we are Canva.

This comes through in the product in a number of ways...

Bubble versus Forj


UI Complexity




Bubble's UI complexity is quite high compared to Forj. See the example of adding a text box below: