Financial Model: Costs

Below is a summary of expenses for Forj over the next 18 months. Costs are estimated at a low and high end to account for potential outcomes that would require an increase in spend with additional people, marketing, or misc (i.e. patents).


The final row - Total Spend at 18 Months - reflects the increase of costs over time, as they are initially starting much lower than the monthly burn at Month 18.


Story and Author Growth

Beginning with our private beta launch in April 2019, Forj brought on-board 10 authors. The above chart represents the result of these initial 10 authors in terms of stories produced and organic author waitlist sign-ups.

In April and May, these 10 authors produced a total of 16 stories, each author producing at least 1 story. These stories generated a total of 18 author sign-ups.

In June, 10 additional stories were published by our authors, leading to a surge of 60 new author sign-ups.

Finally, in July, we on-boarded 20 additional authors from our waitlist, bringing our total to 30 authors. These 30 produced 14 stories in July, leading to 19 additional author sign-ups.