Key Objectives

  • My team aims to land a high number of deals at a smaller amount.
  • My team aims to land a small number of deals at a very great amount.
  • My team must identify and approach new customers.
  • My team must convert identified prospects to buyers.
  • My team must upsell existing clients to new products/higher tiers.
  • My team uses digital content (video, articles, etc) as a critical part of the sales process.
  • My team must create or customize a lot of the digital content that we use.
  • My team actively finds ways to reduce the cost or enhance the quality of digital content.
  • Our strategy for scaling is: add more salespeople, increase salesperson efficiency, or increase deal size.


  • It is hard to make engaging content that explains our products/services or persuades a buyer.
  • It is hard to get buyers to read/view digital content
  • Creating content that looks professional is expensive (time and money)
  • Salespeople need to be able to create/personalize digital content for their buyer but lack the skills needed to create it.
  • Getting data on what points the buyer has read and is most interested in would significantly improve sales success.